Friday, 1 December 2017

Let's learn about location!

We are learning to say simple sentences. The tool that we were using was Screen casting. We learn't how to say simple sentences in Te Reo Maori. The thing that we didn't like was when we had to restart a couple of times. Our next step is to try and extend our sentences. Hope you enjoy. :)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Sticky Caramel Pudding.

Today I had just finished off my business plan. Our business plan was all about our market day, and our Sticky caramel pudding. The tools that I was using was Google Slide Show. The thing that I learn't was how to explain how will I promote my business. The thing that I didn't like was when I didn't know what to write for My Business Plan. My next step is to try and focus in my text and not get distracted. 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Let's start our Advert!!

Last week we had to make an advert for our market day. The tool that I was using was Animoto Trial. I learn't how to actually use Animoto Trial properly and make movies on it. The thing that I didn't like was dragging the photos and text into the boxes. My next step is to try and add more interesting things on my movie so it can stand out more better. Hope you enjoy. :)

Market day!!

Today we had to finish off our budget for our market day. The tool that we were using was Google Docs. I learn't how to make an advertisement for our market day. The thing that I didn't like was when I had to restart my advertisement for our market day on Friday. Our next step is to try and include what we learn't in our budget. This is our budget for our service.

Students: Sheeandra Tehanah and Tamaiti-Pani
Product/service Sticky Caramel Pudding


Ingredients (aunty Jan)

Ingredients (Room 5)


Total Cost:

Expenses (one off and ongoing)
Total expense

Income (money that people will pay)

Per product
How much I expect to sell 26
Amount $4.00

Proft?  I find my profit by adding my costs and my expenses together and subtracting it from my income
For example,
I used $45.00  to pay for all my expenses. I sell each product for  $ 4.00. To make a profit I will need to sell at least 12. If we sell all of them our income will be $104.00

Let's start our writing!

We are learning to use ; and : correctly in out writing. The tool that we were using was Google docs. The thing that I learn't was how to use ; and :. The most thing that I didn't like was when we had to use ; and : correctly in our writing. My next step is to try and learn more things for my writing assessments, and try and use more ; and : in my writing. Hope you enjoy :).

Some people think sports is not important, but I think they are wrong. Sports is important to me. Is sports important to you?

My first main reason is I think that everyone should play sports so that you can stay fit and healthy. Do you agree? Well I do.

Who thinks that sports is amazing? I do, and I think that you should believe in sports so that you can make your life stay fit and healthy. Would you like to stay fit and healthy? Healthy body that’s what everyone wants isn’t it? Would you like to feel ashamed of yourself at the beach if you were obese? I would. Actually when you’re an adult you should actually learn about your body not just treat your body like poo. Would you like to have sports as your best passionate? So I reckon that it would be so tremendous if your passion was about sports. Wouldn’t it be tremendous if your passion was all about sports?

My second main reason some people don’t believe in sports but I really do. Do you? My sister is a sports lover she always wants to go to sports everyday to stay nice, fit and healthy. Would you like to stay fat, obese and overweight? Because I don’t. That’s why I say stay fit and keep striving till you get to the end. So you should try and translate your flabs into abs. Did you know that if you train your body properly and make it become more healthy than you could become a famous sports player.

My third reason why sports is important is it gives you a healthy body now and in the future. When you play sports you heart pumps fast. That means that you are building up your fitness and making your muscles grow bigger and bigger than they are now. Did you know that if you don’t stay on track with your sports then you will end up being fat, obese useless and overweight, wouldn’t you feel horrid if you were fat, obese, useless and overweight? Would you want to just sit on the couch like a fat potato? I wouldn’t. I would rather go outside and enjoy the world.

In conclusion I think that everyone should play sports and keep fit so that you don’t end up being obese. That’s why I say if you don’t stay on track with your sports then you will end up being fat, obese useless and overweight.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Science experiment!

This morning me and our class were looking at our science experiment. We had a look at what the egg had turned out when we left it in the container for a bit. We are having a look at what the eggs turned out like. This is what the egg turned out like. We predicted that some of the skin was going to change color, and we were right. The thing that we didn't like was when we saw most of the skin peeled off the egg. It looked so disgusting.

This is what happened when we put the eggs in the container.

This is what happened when all of the skin came off the eggs.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Maths maths yeah yeah!

We are learning to know the different ways we represent numbers. The tool that we were using was screen casting. We learn't the value of our numbers. The hardest part was when we came up to the decimal point's. Our next step is to try and to not get distracted and to try and try to get more higher with our decimals and our millions. And try to be more pro-active. If you think there is a mistake in our presentation please comment down below and tell us if we do have a mistake.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The hard and fast riders

We are learning to know the movie making process. To learn the learning process you have to make sure that you keep the phone or the I-pad still and make sure that the green screen is nice and still, because if you don't then it would look funny. The tool the we were using was Green screen. My next step is to try and act more sensible and try to be more pro-active. The hardest thing about it was when we had to restart my lines heaps of times. I know that I learn't something because when I had to restart two times I got a better tone of voice. I think that I was good at acting a bit and my tone voice. If you think this is a great movie please comment down below. Hope you enjoy. :)

Monday, 30 October 2017

Who likes Reading? Because if you do this is the place to stop at.

We are learning to read with fluency
To be successful I will:

  • Pause at commas
  • Stop at full stops
  • Sound natural (not like a robot)
  • Adjust my reading speed when I come  to difficult words

I learnt how to adjust my reading speed when I come to difficult words. If you think that I have any mistakes please comment down below.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Lets do the Nine parts of Speech.

We are learning about the nine parts of speech. The nine parts of speech are interjections,conjunctions,adverbs,pronouns,prepositions,adjectives and verbs. The tool that we were using was Google Slides. We were learning how to understand what the Nine parts of speech are. The hardest thing that I found out was gathering all the information together and making all of the animations come together. My next step is to try and add more detail to my Nine parts of Speech so that I can get more development in my Nine parts of speech. Comment down below if you think you found a mistake on our Nine parts of speech. Hope you enjoy:).

Friday, 22 September 2017

Who likes to round?

W.A.L.T:solve problems that involve changing an improper fraction into a mixed fraction. The tool that I was using was google slides. I learnt how to change improper fractions into mixed fractions. The hardest thing that I found out was when I had to try and do the last equation just like that. My next step is to try and finish my Problem solving in the day.
solve problems that involve changing an improper fraction into a mixed fraction

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Are your clothes made in Thailand?

Last week our class had to write a recont about how we would feel when a child has been working in a dirty and disgusting factory. I choose to work in the Nike factory in Thailand. W.A.L.T write a recount from someone else's prescriptive ( A worker working in a clothes or toy factory.) I think I was successful because I was describing the mood of how I would feel in that smelly yuck factory. The easiest part was when we had to do research and we had to pick were we wanted to work. I choose to work In the Nike factory because Nike is my favorite brand. Hope you enjoy.

A day at the Nike Factory.

On Monday at 5:00am in the morning there I stood frozen in fear. My boss shouted at me “why are you hear late” “ I am so sorry” I quivered softly. My heart was a hammer pounding away inside my chest. I really didn’t want to go to work today but I had to.

Hours later the I was walking into the factory. My boss growled at me “you need to hurry up you left your needle on overnight” I was so tired I couldn’t even see my needle properly. One minute later my boss moaned and said “I am going to put another extra 9 hours for that”. I was so so tired I couldn’t even see my needle properly but my friend Eileen was talking too me so that I didn’t go too sleep.

All I could hear was drilling and stitching heaps of my work mates were making clothes and shoes. At 3:30pm boom I dropped to the floor. I think she needs some water Elijah said. My body was like a knife glued in place. My boss shouted at me “Eilene can you hear me” but I was a still as a knife.  Everyone took me outside to give me some air. I got a bit dizzy and the wham my hand got stuck in the stitching machine.

“Wake up wake up” my boss cried “wake up” all I could hear was my heart pumping. My friends were so so happy that I woke up. My boss said “I am so so sorry for making you work that long and I am sorry for putting that extra 9 hours on. All I said was “at least I woke up because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be working for this great factory”.

Finally I got to have lunch my friends had asked me if I knew what happened and all I said was “I remember when I dropped and that’s it” my heart was still pumping they said and lucky you woke up because you would of had to finish work but the dumbest thing is when you feel better you will have to come back to work. My friends were so relieved that I woke up.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Who likes Money?

I am learning to ask and answer questions about how a small business works.My buddy that I was working with was Manaaki-tia. I learnt that bees only fly up to two kilometers and that bees need protection from hives because of the Varroa Mites. My next step is going to try and add more information about bees and to find more about how a company starts up. What I found out easy was the examples.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Rounding like a pro!

I have been learning how to round up to the nearest ten, whole and tenth. I made this with Mason. I learnt that if you have a tenth you always have to look next door and if it is five or more you raise the score if it is four or less you let it rest.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Let's make some money.

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because when you answer your question you would always get the wrong answer because you didn't look at the key.T

                  Money Made at the Garage Sale
Key: =  $ 6

How much money was made on Tuesday?27
How much more money was made on Wednesday?6
How much more money was made on Monday than Thursday?12

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hidden Court

WALT improve our writing by carefully checking our sentences and trying to add descriptive language.

My next step is to try and add more descriptive language into my writing and to build up on my vocabulary.

Hidden Court

Yay! I screamed in a happily voice “Were going on an adventure.” We were walking for ages it was like a good old 20 minutes till we got there. My legs were so sore they felt like sloppy pancakes.

My heart was beating so fast like a train because I thought that we were nearly there,we walked through a big bush and we saw a hidden tennis court with heaps of moss on it. We finally had a

Game of tennis I was winning until Letisha came along . She was like a stalker stalking me and Heaven until she popped out of nowhere. A few minutes later we were walking home for a feed

And stopped at something really huge it looked like a monster it was big it was huge and it was…….. A hidden mansion. We tried to open it but it was locked like a locked treasure box

We walked around the mansion and we saw a swimming pool I was so so full of joy. My eyes felt like tennis balls were falling out of them my jaw felt like it dropped straight onto my legs.

When we arrived at home we had to ask if we could try and clean out the pool but it was to green so we asked if we could go to the hidden tennis court again and they said sure you can.

Finally we found the hidden tennis court and the hidden mansion.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Inquiry Group Learning

We are learning to work together (collaborate) to achieve our inquiry purpose.
 To be successful we will:
Plan our inquiry
Share jobs
follow collaborative norms rules (no put downs, everybody participate, only one speaker at a time, be a good listener, help each other and be a salmon. What I found hard was when I had no Chromebook to do our inquiry on.

Here is a video about Hazardous Waste.
This is our Collaborative work.
Here is our script that we wrote for our D.L.O

Friday, 9 June 2017

Have you heard about Kid Coordinates I mean Grid Coordinates.

W.A.L.T Read Coordinate graphs. I think I was successful because I finished my work on time and I think that I put enough examples.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Maths Ninja.

W.A.L.T share my thinking by using words, material and/or pictures. I am doing this so what I know can be used to help others. Also, what others know I can learn from to.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How do I sound?

W.A.L.T use fluency and expression.I learned to speak loudly and clearly pause at full stops and commas and change the speed of my voice.I was able to speak loudly and clearly and I was able to change the speed of my voice. What I found hard was when I didn't have anything to write about and then I thought about writing about hazardous waste. My next step is to try learn and say my writing off by heart.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Lollies in the creepy church.

This week I have been learning to plan a recount that will maintain audience interest through content, and language choices.

I think I was successful because I was adding detail about the creepy church.
My next step is to try and focus on my recount writing.

Come on let’s go mum said “okay everybody hop out of the car”. We hopped out of the car and went into the kitchen for a kai. We were at the marae eating potato salad with delicious chocolate brownies and peanut brownies. I felt pure bliss as soon as I bit into the beautifully brownie. Once I saw my aunts I shouted happy birthday. I was so overjoyed when I saw all of the food on the table. My eyes were open so so wide at all of the food that was just spread out on the table.

Me and Tehanah had a race to see how many pockets of lollies we could fill up. Tehanah and I started to get bored so we went to go and eat our lollies over by the creepy church. The creepy church had ugly old rusty hooks up above my head with mashed ugly windows so if you saw it you will get the creeps.

Me and Te hanah filled up our pockets with lollies and went over to the creepy old rusty church to eat our lollies and play zombies. A few seconds later we had a lollies scramble with her lollies in that old rusty creepy church. Once me and Te Hanah turned around we saw a creepy mysterious thing just pop out of nowhere and it climbed out of the window it looked like it had tight fist.

Later on me and Tehanah decided to go back to the marae so our parents know where we are. But guess what I will never decide to go inside the old rusty creepy church again.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Who loves Geometry Because I do.

W.A.L.T describe 2D and 3D shapes using words such as edges, Faces and Vertices. Hope you Enjoy.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Reading task

I am learning to expand my reading vocabulary by working with a buddy to find word meanings

Monday, 10 April 2017

What do you know about Multiplying?

W.A.L.T multiply using place value. The hard thing about it was when I had to keep on restarting my movies over again.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Who loves persuasive writing.

W.A.L.T write a better persuasive then our old persuasive. Our new persuasive had to be more then 200 words.

I strongly recommend that we should be plastic bag free. If we were not plastic bag free we should use paper bags instead of using plastic bags. Did you know plastic bags are hurting animals life.

I know that plastic bags are biodegradable it will take for years to rot down. We should choose to use starch based bags or Fabric bags. If you see plastic bag you should pick it up and reuse it for carpets, clothes and crochet.

Secondly we should just reuse our plastic bags for carpets,clothes,crochet and many many more. Did you know that reusing your own plastic bags is the great thing to do. If you have a plastic bag and you didn’t know what to do with it you should reuse it.

Also what if people just throw their rubbish in the water it will float down stream and it can kill some animals. For example if you had a ripped plastic bag you should use paper bags.

In summary I strongly recommend that we should be plastic bag free. Agree or disagree.

Image result for Fossil Fuels plastic

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Who likes to improve their goals.

Last week Room 5 was trying to learn their goals by the end of this term. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Persuasive writing on the dot.

Image result for Recycling GIF
W.A.L.T group similar ideas into paragraphs.

My next step is to try and plan my main ideas without the teacher. The hardest part about it was when we had to group our ideas because I did not understand the teacher.. The tool that I was working on is google docs. I learnt how to persuade my reader and tell my reader what I was talking about.

I think that we should not take our waste to the landfill because it is bad for the environment.We should burn our rubbish instead of taking it to the landfill. You should try and start to recycle because if you don’t you will make our environment dirty.

Firstly you can recycle your own rubbish. Did you know when you recycle it goes through a big machine and then it gets reused? When you recycle you can take it to the landfill because it is getting recycled.

Secondly if you find some rubbish it can be reused. Reusing your own rubbish is the greatest thing to do. For example you can take your rubbish to the landfill because it will just be reused. It can always be able to go through a big machine only if it can be reusable waste.

Another thing is if you have biodegradable stuff you cannot take it to the landfill because you might get charged for what kind of waste it is. You should just take your rubbish and make a compost for you biodegradable waste.

In summary I believe that taking your rubbish to the landfill is bad because it will hurt the environment.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What waste do you have?

This week I have been learning to gather, sort and display Information. We wanted to find out what families at Tautoro School do with their waste.

Firstly we created a questionnaire. Then we made tally charts and google sheet to present the information. One thing I learned about this is what open questions are. Opened questions are long easy questions. For example Do you recycle your rubbish? Yes/No

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Do you know what an Argo Float is?

We were learning to find out what Argos are and how they help us. The hardest part was when I had to try and focus on my questions and answers in 10 Minutes. I am learning to put more interesting focused questions on my presentation. My tool that I was working on was Google Slides. My next step is putting in more focused questions and focused answers on my Q and A presentation.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Amazing Trip to Waitangi Treaty Grounds.

We are learning how to make Powtoon videos and post them on YouTube. The hardest part was when my Chromebook froze and I had to restart my movie. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Have you ever heard about the hove value Manaakitanga. Well Haere Mai

WALT think about creative ways to promote and teach our values. The part I liked was when we were showing people how Tautoro School shows Manaakitanga and the hardest part was when I had to act like I was hurt. My next step is that I will try my hardest to put my video on my blog and try to complete this video on time.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Have you ever caught a Octopus, well Happy Octopus Day.

This was our recount that we had to do in the holidays we were having fun when we were catching the octopus but for me and Hamish it was scary.
In the long horrible freaky mysterious holiday’s there I was standing there holding my fishing rod trying my hardest to catch a fish.

My dad was around the other side of the cliff Lloyd was with him and Hamish was too. Lloyd was yelling, “Andra!” Lloyd roared like a lion. “What” he roared look what I caught but I didn’t want to say anything because it looked slimy gooey and sticky.
My dad said, “What’s that son” and Lloyd said, “dad I caught something orange” my dad wanted to see if it was an octopus and it was.

Hamish and I was there watching and screaming we were as scared as a Cat. I was facing my fears at that scary orange gooey and sticky yuck octopus. Everyday we went to the beach to catch some fish because we had to check if our line was still in the water. Later on that day me and my family had to go home because Hamish was hungry.

My two cousin’s were at my Nan's house saying, “what happened” “what happened?” as we replied. “nothing why they roared, “because we were going to tell our dad” okay our family went to the beach to catch some fish and Lloyd caught a OCTOPUS. Finally my family and I went home with happiness to tell my mum about what happened with the Octopus.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Data What did you do in the holidays.

W.A.L.T create bar graphs using Google Spreadsheets.

Here is my investigation. what can you tell me about my class?

What I like about Google Spreadsheets is that we can learn new things in Google Spreadsheets and it is easy to understand new things.