Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Comment of the week!

Here is my second comment for the week. I really did do another comment too. The person that I commented on this week is Manaaki-tia. Here is a screenshot of my comment.


This is what we have been working on. This is what you call the food chain. I will give you little tip. (If I was you I would stop eating fish), because it is toxic from the micro beads. Enjoy.

Plastic is everywhere!

WALT: Determine the key ideas in a text. SC: I will highlight the key ideas: This is my reading that I done just today. I really do think that I done a good job to impress my teacher.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Thanks to Canva.

In the past few weeks we have been making posters and slideshows on plastic. I made a presentation on a site named Canva. When I was trying to save my Canva it didn't work because I had to pay, so then I changed all of my photos and finished just now. Here is my finished work that I done. Enjoy :).

This is my link to go to Canva. Hope you enjoy.


I finally had the time to go and finish off my reading. I had the chance to read some of my reading and I got to publish it too. I am so happy that I have most of my blog posts posted. I am really really super happy that I had the time to finish my reading. Next week I will do some more reading and publish it up.

Our Waka Hoe

These are our 12 waka hoe. When there are new people that come into our school, then we have to make sure that we teach them our waka hoe. We are the best-est school to come to. If you are having a hard time at your school, we would really like you to come and start our school. Enjoy :)

Not Spelling!

Next week I will get all of my spelling words corrected.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Comment of the week!

Kia Ora everyone!. This one of the posts that I am doing for the week. We have a challenge that we have to do, we have to make sure that we publish 5 posts each week. I think that this is really fun commenting, I also learn new things when I comment. I already have posted 5 posts. If you would like have a look on my blog. This is my comment to Sally.

We are too brainy!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Thank you Whaea Tania and Whaea Cassandra.

Today we had Whaea Tania and Whaea Cassandra come into our class today. We had a lot of fun enjoying how to make new charts. I learnt how to make my chart 3D and change the colors for the background and for the font.  We had to find the population of the cities that are in this photo down below. Mexico City had the highest population of people over there. The easiest thing for me that I done today was finding all of the populations for all of the countries. It was also easy changing my font for the text. Here is what my total of what my statistics looked like when I was finished.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Toku Pepeha

My Papa's Tangi😑

W.A.L.T: Write an amazing hook that will capture my audience's interest. 

Oh my gosh, what would you do if you had to deal with something like this. On one sad Saturday my family and I went to my papa’s tangi. There I am standing still like a stunned mullet, I was really shocked that this has happened. I went to see my papa, “Wow” he looks so great. My papa passed away from cancer, so to all of you out there… be careful. I look over to see my Nan, she was balling with tears and her heart was broken. “Kia Ora moko” she whispered “Hi Nan”, my eyes were shattering looking at my Nan. You be strong Nan. “Have a great day” I whispered.

Yay Cross Country Today!

“Bang” the blocks sounded like gunshots telling me to go. “Come on guys you can do it” is all I heard. My heart was pumping like an electric train. “Ow” I moaned, “my legs are aching”. When I was running up the hill my legs were shattering like wind chimes, I couldn’t breath. I was thinking to myself “Why is my teacher doing this to me?”, how is this actually possible?. I ended up running up the hill, the sweat was running down my face like water. Do we have to run?.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Class Survey

Today our whole class used Google Forms to create a survey as part of our statistics unit.
Together we asked some question and sent the link to our class. I really did enjoy making this survey today. I learn't how to add photos into my survey and learn't how to add check boxes in. The easiest thing for me was making the survey. I have made a survey before but, forgot how to use it.

Here is some photos of my survey.

You can clearly see that mostly no one takes their Chromebook home.

You can also see that nearly half of our class said yes they do have a Chromebook.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Let's try and help our environment to be clean!

We are learning how to write an introduction for an explanation text.

SC: I will Look at examples to support my understanding. Identify whether the writer has written a general statement, brief description, or question about the topic as their introduction. Write an introduction explaining how plastic is recycled. .     

Friday, 3 August 2018

Matariki Animation. Enjoy :)

I am learning to be confident in doing Stop Motion Animation. The bit we struggled on was the letters, If you take a close look at the start it says "Matariki" and If you see at the end it says ". But the thing that we achieved was getting this video finished and published on our blog and YouTube. Hope you enjoy our video, and leave a positive comment down below. :)