Thursday, 10 November 2016

Maths on your mind.

I am learning to share how I share maths problems. Let me know if you learn something or if I have made a mistake.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Did you know that Eels are threatened.

I have been learning to summaries what I read I only put in what where the key Ideas. I learnt who to find key Ideas and I learnt about the life cycle.
Image result for Pacific paradise mary campbellLast week I have been reading an article called Pacific Paradise. It is Written by Mary Campbell.

This book is mostly about the teachings of longfin eels and shortfin eels. From this book I learnt the life cycle of the longfin eel from a little egg until they die of exhaustion.

The first metamorphosis (transformation) is that they are little eggs, and when they get a little bit older they turn into a larva (an immature form of an insect or other animal) then the second transformation is a glass eel and as they get a bit more older they transform into a elver eel then as they get older they turn into an adult eel then it transforms into spawning eels.Image result for Pacific paradise mary campbell
Here is an example of the longfin eel life cycle.

This book also teaches us the location to find the eel and the types of food they eat and also their length of the fish and people say that the eels might go extinct this is because Hydro dams and other water reservoirs are blocking the migration(an animal's long journey to breed or to live somewhere else) of the elver upstream. Now that's a big deal for me.

My favourite bit on this book was when I got to learn the life cycle of the longfin eel it was very interesting because I had never known that longfin eels diel of exhaustion after they have had their eggs. I learnt that longfin eels go through a huge metamorphosis and recently I have learnt that metamorphosis means a transformation. I recommend this book to advanced readers because some words in this book is a little bit challenging. Hey, wait for a sec, I wonder what you’ve been reading?