Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Animation Yeah!

W.A.L.H.T Create a short clip using Stop Motion Animation.

SC: I will
Make short movements for each shot.i

What I learn't was making sure that my hair and my hands weren't in the film when  I took the shots.
What worked really well in our movie was when we had to sculpt our humans and when we had to make our crops as a road after that. I found everything difficult because I had to do most of the work when we were taking our shots, I also found most things difficult when we had to sculpt our snowmen for our first scene we done.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Who likes speeches? Because I do and you should to.

This morning our class stood up to present our speeches to the class. We all had 2-3 minutes to talk about our speech. My speech was about having swimming pools in Kaikohe. Do you think if we were to have swimming pools in Kaikohe it would make everything more better? Well let's do something about it.

I made sure that:

I don't sound like a robot
Hand gestures
Rhetorical question
Emotive language
A clear voice
Time words

The most challenging part for me was when we had to stand up in the front of the classroom and the students. I think that I done a bit alright. I just need to work on making sure that I use more expression and more facial expression. But overall I think I done great.

This is my Speech video. You need to click on the YouTube button to watch.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Enjoy playing Minecraft? Because I do.

We have been learning to code.  The coding I chose was Minecraft
I enjoyed playing Minecraft
It was really easy
I helped others by making sure they knew how to do all the stages.
I needed help with nothing

It was fast for me to finish to finish the 12 stages.  When I finished the 12 stages I got a certificate. I took screenshots as I worked my way through the stages.  When you look at the screenshots you can see how I used blocks to create the code which made me clock my level.