Friday, 27 July 2018

Having a fun time in the holidays! :) Enjoy

WALT: Write a recount of one specific moment during my school holidays. SUCCESS CRITERIA: I will have A title A orientation - Who, what, when, where, how, why Fantastic language - time words, past tense, vivid verbs/vocabulary Proofread/buddy checked my draft - punctuation, spelling and grammar. A conclusion to wrap everything up. A plan of the key points I will talk about.

Introduction: Looking at flowers.
Secondly: Going to Kaikohe and making cool pranks on people, making sure I see no one from school.
Thirdly: Having a mean as feed at Maccas.
Lastly: Making heaps of cakes.
Conclusion: Enjoying a fun and cool time with my family.

Start here:

Looking at flowers seeming how pretty they are. Having a fun time enjoying yourself, looking at them.
Hold on, I’m supposed to be talking about Kaikohe. Now let’s get started.

On a hot sunny cold day, my family and I went to Kaikohe to do cool pranks.
“Hey you dropped something!” I roared like a lion. Driving down the road thinking I’m cool, but really, I was just pretending.
Going around doing pranks, “I hope I see no one from school” I quivered. My heart was pounding like a train,
watching out for people I know, that come to our school.

After that my family and I went to McDonalds.
I had a Quarter Pounder, Fries and an Ice drink. My eyes were as big as tennis balls, once I saw McDonalds.
My jaw dropped like it broke. I was so happy when we got to McDonalds.
“Ohhhh man this burger is so nice” I hinted to my aunty Ani. The food was getting squashed up in my mouth.
It was really nice.

Later on that day my family and I traveled home. Waiting to maKe some delicious cakes.
“Cakes, cakes, cakes” I softly quivered to my sister Sylvah. Licking the bowl for an extra taste.
“Mmmmmmm” this is so delicious man”. My stomach was so sore, I needed to spu.
My stomach aching my head spinning really fast, “owww” I moaned to my sister Sylvah “can you help me please”.?

In conclusion that day was fun and I really had a cool time with my family.
I also had a few of fall overs when we were at the beach too.
But too wrap it all up, I had the best time ever, until a seagull ate my chips!!

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Happy Grandparent Day💖

Thank you to all our teachers that have organised this cool as Grandparents Day for our beautiful School. I hope that our grandparents have a fun time at our school💖