Thursday, 10 November 2016

Maths on your mind.

I am learning to share how I share maths problems. Let me know if you learn something or if I have made a mistake.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Did you know that Eels are threatened.

I have been learning to summaries what I read I only put in what where the key Ideas. I learnt who to find key Ideas and I learnt about the life cycle.
Image result for Pacific paradise mary campbellLast week I have been reading an article called Pacific Paradise. It is Written by Mary Campbell.

This book is mostly about the teachings of longfin eels and shortfin eels. From this book I learnt the life cycle of the longfin eel from a little egg until they die of exhaustion.

The first metamorphosis (transformation) is that they are little eggs, and when they get a little bit older they turn into a larva (an immature form of an insect or other animal) then the second transformation is a glass eel and as they get a bit more older they transform into a elver eel then as they get older they turn into an adult eel then it transforms into spawning eels.Image result for Pacific paradise mary campbell
Here is an example of the longfin eel life cycle.

This book also teaches us the location to find the eel and the types of food they eat and also their length of the fish and people say that the eels might go extinct this is because Hydro dams and other water reservoirs are blocking the migration(an animal's long journey to breed or to live somewhere else) of the elver upstream. Now that's a big deal for me.

My favourite bit on this book was when I got to learn the life cycle of the longfin eel it was very interesting because I had never known that longfin eels diel of exhaustion after they have had their eggs. I learnt that longfin eels go through a huge metamorphosis and recently I have learnt that metamorphosis means a transformation. I recommend this book to advanced readers because some words in this book is a little bit challenging. Hey, wait for a sec, I wonder what you’ve been reading?

Friday, 14 October 2016

Do you know how to do assonance?

I am Learning to use the right There,Their and they're homophones. Assonance means the same vowel sound that keeps sounding the same. We learnt how to do Assonance poems and how to use the correct Homophones. Now I know how to use Assonance because before I didn't know how to use Assonance. Next time we are going to learn on alliteration.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Haere mai and look at my interesting stuff

This term I have been learning to describe. what my friend and I am doing using simple sentences.

This team I have been describing Maori words with my friends.

To be successful we needed to know the kupu Maori for me (ahua) you (koe) he/she (Ia)
Use E aha Ana to ask (what).

Say how I know that I learned something and what is was.
Say what I liked didn't like found easy, found hard, about the learning.
Say something about what your next learning step is.

I do not have a video.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Who loves Bok Choy well who ever did they picked the right place.

Bok Choy.

I have been reading the book called the Bok Choy,it is written by Paul Mason.The type of this book is native book.This book is mostly about a man and a boy called Jacob and Ah sum,Jacob was a young boy and Ah sum is a gold miner. Jacob ends up in the Chinese village. Ah sum goes to pick some chinese cabbages  and Jacob doesn’t like them.The story is set in 1865 in Otago.Miss bishop  and her son william mock and be racist to Ah sum. Jacob was rescued by Ah sum.

My favorite  part was when  Jacob meets Ah sum. Did you know that In the 1860s,miners from China came to New Zealand to mine for gold. What have you been reading this week??

Friday, 5 August 2016

Hello I am learning to Connect my ideas together using different connectives and a variety of sentence beginnings.

I am learning to connect my ideas together using different connectives and a variety of sentence beginnings.

To be successful I will start sentences like this

  • For example,
  • Added to this,
  • If … then
  • In others words
  • Plus

I think homework is important

One reason why I think homework is important is because it will help you to be successful.
For example you might have a  test and you have  homework that  can teach you about whatever your test is about. Added to this, homework is like a teacher but at home.
Another reason why I think homework is important is because you can get faster and faster at times tables by practising it. It can help you in things other than of maths too. For example, you can read too. Reading at home will help you move up in reading levels. When you have a reading test you will be able to read well because  you practice at home. Practice makes perfect!

My Second reason why I think homework is important is because when you grow up and get a job you will need to do extra work more than you really do.For another example when you do extra work you can get promoted and then you can be 2ic when the boss is not here

As I have said  homework is important it can make your dreams come true and make you be so successful.

Our next learning steps are:
To have more background information in the introduction.
To independently use the correct structure for persuasive
To learn about and use emotive words in my writing.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Hello Would you like to learn how to use Green Screen Then Check This Movie out And See How It Goes.

Yippy a 110 year birthday that goes to Tautoro School.


  1. Planning of my recount
My focus is
The main idea or ideas I want to be communicated are:

Recount Structure Support

  1. Beginning with intro (who, where, what, why)

  1. Middle
Main Event 1...         I will add detail about what I see, hear, feel, think
Main Event 2 …      I will add detail about what I see, hear, feel, think

      3.  Ending with a reflection (my thoughts about why that day was special)

Great linking words and phrases I can use:
  • The first thing we did was… Powhiri
  • After that…. Kapa Haka
  • When that was over we… Pack Up
  • Shortly after that…. Clean up the class
  • A few minutes/hours later… Line up For Bus
  • Lastly.. Go Home

I am Learning To add figurative language for my work and synonyms for said that match my mood.

Friday 11th June 2016

I Jumped up into the air like a flying fish gathered all my clothes and got ready for school. I started walking to the bus depot to wait for the bus. Not so long after that  our school was ready.After we had welcomed the manuhiri in Uncle Metai complained a Mihi.

Not long after that it was time for a biscuit. I had expected there to be over one hundred people at the school’s Birthday.But no there wasn’t it was like just probably twenty people there.Ting Ting Miss Simeon Rang the bell ( The bell that we used was the bell that the old people used in their days).

I could see my nan Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! my brain turned on I was as brave as a lion. So I can start off all the waiata. Like about ten minutes later it was time to get into our groups so we could do the olden day games. I was with Whaea Lana. Our First game we played was Hopscotch.

Then we played other games but I can’t remember them all. Not long after that we had some hangi.
“Cmon it’s time for class”  Whaea Lana softly sang. Yay!! I Roared once I went in class the Teacher said “get a Pencil” make sure it is sharp.

Then we went to do some handwriting “ohhhhh really do we have to do handwriting?” I moaned “Yes whaea strictly barked?.” Okay whaea Lana When that was over we we had to pack up get our bags and it was time to line up so we could go home. Man I can still remember what happened just not the games and what popped out that day was terribly funny with all my whanau.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Verbs And Adverbs.

 This is a Google Drawing that me and my friend Kaya made. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Number Knowledge Quiz.

This is a Number Knowledge Quiz that me and my friend made we hope you like it.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Having a fun and scary swim Draft 2.

One hot sunny Saturday me my sister, my cousin’s and nana went for a swim at Mission Oak. As I was swimming I nearly got pushed into the bars of the bridge. I was freaked out of my brains. I thought that I was going to get sore but I put my arm by my face so it wouldn’t get hurt.

I nearly got a bruise on my leg. As we weren't allowed to swim in the rain my nana got sick from swimming in the rain. We went home and had a good Kai we had boil up takao and eggs it was delicious for dinner.

The next morning me and my family went for another swim and it wasn’t flooded so we jumped of the log and we swam under the big log. You wouldn’t believe this my cousin can fit under the big log and he is massive I thought he was going to get stuck But he didn't My nana thought we were drowning but we weren't we were swimming under the log. When we came out of the water my nana said where did use go and we said under the big log.  

when I came out I thought that my nana would have been gone but she wasn't  she was just sitting in the car waiting for us. My heart was beating so fast  as a train when I went under the log it was like is was going to die under the log because my heart was beating fast. That was the scariest day of my life and I will never do that again.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Introducing ourselfs.

                                              I hope you enjoy this video clip.