Monday, 25 September 2017

Lets do the Nine parts of Speech.

We are learning about the nine parts of speech. The nine parts of speech are interjections,conjunctions,adverbs,pronouns,prepositions,adjectives and verbs. The tool that we were using was Google Slides. We were learning how to understand what the Nine parts of speech are. The hardest thing that I found out was gathering all the information together and making all of the animations come together. My next step is to try and add more detail to my Nine parts of Speech so that I can get more development in my Nine parts of speech. Comment down below if you think you found a mistake on our Nine parts of speech. Hope you enjoy:).

Friday, 22 September 2017

Who likes to round?

W.A.L.T:solve problems that involve changing an improper fraction into a mixed fraction. The tool that I was using was google slides. I learnt how to change improper fractions into mixed fractions. The hardest thing that I found out was when I had to try and do the last equation just like that. My next step is to try and finish my Problem solving in the day.
solve problems that involve changing an improper fraction into a mixed fraction

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Are your clothes made in Thailand?

Last week our class had to write a recont about how we would feel when a child has been working in a dirty and disgusting factory. I choose to work in the Nike factory in Thailand. W.A.L.T write a recount from someone else's prescriptive ( A worker working in a clothes or toy factory.) I think I was successful because I was describing the mood of how I would feel in that smelly yuck factory. The easiest part was when we had to do research and we had to pick were we wanted to work. I choose to work In the Nike factory because Nike is my favorite brand. Hope you enjoy.

A day at the Nike Factory.

On Monday at 5:00am in the morning there I stood frozen in fear. My boss shouted at me “why are you hear late” “ I am so sorry” I quivered softly. My heart was a hammer pounding away inside my chest. I really didn’t want to go to work today but I had to.

Hours later the I was walking into the factory. My boss growled at me “you need to hurry up you left your needle on overnight” I was so tired I couldn’t even see my needle properly. One minute later my boss moaned and said “I am going to put another extra 9 hours for that”. I was so so tired I couldn’t even see my needle properly but my friend Eileen was talking too me so that I didn’t go too sleep.

All I could hear was drilling and stitching heaps of my work mates were making clothes and shoes. At 3:30pm boom I dropped to the floor. I think she needs some water Elijah said. My body was like a knife glued in place. My boss shouted at me “Eilene can you hear me” but I was a still as a knife.  Everyone took me outside to give me some air. I got a bit dizzy and the wham my hand got stuck in the stitching machine.

“Wake up wake up” my boss cried “wake up” all I could hear was my heart pumping. My friends were so so happy that I woke up. My boss said “I am so so sorry for making you work that long and I am sorry for putting that extra 9 hours on. All I said was “at least I woke up because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be working for this great factory”.

Finally I got to have lunch my friends had asked me if I knew what happened and all I said was “I remember when I dropped and that’s it” my heart was still pumping they said and lucky you woke up because you would of had to finish work but the dumbest thing is when you feel better you will have to come back to work. My friends were so relieved that I woke up.