Friday, 1 July 2016

Hello Would you like to learn how to use Green Screen Then Check This Movie out And See How It Goes.

Yippy a 110 year birthday that goes to Tautoro School.


  1. Planning of my recount
My focus is
The main idea or ideas I want to be communicated are:

Recount Structure Support

  1. Beginning with intro (who, where, what, why)

  1. Middle
Main Event 1...         I will add detail about what I see, hear, feel, think
Main Event 2 …      I will add detail about what I see, hear, feel, think

      3.  Ending with a reflection (my thoughts about why that day was special)

Great linking words and phrases I can use:
  • The first thing we did was… Powhiri
  • After that…. Kapa Haka
  • When that was over we… Pack Up
  • Shortly after that…. Clean up the class
  • A few minutes/hours later… Line up For Bus
  • Lastly.. Go Home

I am Learning To add figurative language for my work and synonyms for said that match my mood.

Friday 11th June 2016

I Jumped up into the air like a flying fish gathered all my clothes and got ready for school. I started walking to the bus depot to wait for the bus. Not so long after that  our school was ready.After we had welcomed the manuhiri in Uncle Metai complained a Mihi.

Not long after that it was time for a biscuit. I had expected there to be over one hundred people at the school’s Birthday.But no there wasn’t it was like just probably twenty people there.Ting Ting Miss Simeon Rang the bell ( The bell that we used was the bell that the old people used in their days).

I could see my nan Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! my brain turned on I was as brave as a lion. So I can start off all the waiata. Like about ten minutes later it was time to get into our groups so we could do the olden day games. I was with Whaea Lana. Our First game we played was Hopscotch.

Then we played other games but I can’t remember them all. Not long after that we had some hangi.
“Cmon it’s time for class”  Whaea Lana softly sang. Yay!! I Roared once I went in class the Teacher said “get a Pencil” make sure it is sharp.

Then we went to do some handwriting “ohhhhh really do we have to do handwriting?” I moaned “Yes whaea strictly barked?.” Okay whaea Lana When that was over we we had to pack up get our bags and it was time to line up so we could go home. Man I can still remember what happened just not the games and what popped out that day was terribly funny with all my whanau.